Social Work Maven, Brittany Tyler, at Lisbon School Board

Brittany Tyler

In a recent news from the Lisbon, the seasoned social worker Brittany Tyler has assumed the charge of a Member of the Lisbon Exempted Village Board of Education. Bringing in her eight years of valuable social work experience, Tyler’s expressed here dedication to support the educational journey of students in Lisbon in inaugural meeting of the year.

A new beginning in 2024 for Social Work Professional

She clinched victory in the November, 2023 and commenced four-year term on January 1, 2024. This significant development marks landmark beginning of an era to shape the trajectory of education in Lisbon.

A Social Work Professional’s Journey of diversity and professionalism

Tyler’s – a seasoned social work professional – professional journey is a hallmark of diversity and professionalism. She served as a case management coordinator at the Community Action Agency of Columbiana County. There, she strived for community engagement and youth development through systematic interventions.

Let’s dive into the realm of her remarkable journey that make her an invaluable asset to the Lisbon Exempted Village Board.  

From Lisbon to Lisbon: Tyler’s career pursuits

Tyler’s roots in Lisbon traced back to her childhood. She grew up in the local community and attended school there. Her affiliation with this soil woven into her personal and professional fabric. Her career four-year career in U.S. Army where she earned a psychology degree is evident of her struggle for personal growth and academic excellence. Tylor returned to Lisbon in 2016 with a fresh perspective and acquired Master’s degree in Social Work. Her diverse experience and academic accomplishment positioned her the right choice for school board.

A Mother’s Wish: Striving for a better educational landscape

Tyler’s motive to join Lisbon Exempted Village Board of Education is back by mother’s love and quest for community engagement. She foresees a school system that not only caters her daughter but also enhance educational experience of all students in Lisbon.

A Bottom Line: A fresh beginning in Lisbon’s Educational Odyssey  

Brittany Tyler’s appointment into the Lisbon Exempted Village Board of Education is a starting of a enriched journey. Utilizing her diverse experience, community-driven approach, and commitment to promote rich educational environment, she would leave an ineffaceable mark on the educational landscape of Lisbon.

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