My Services

Hello! I’m Irfan Nawaz, a highly skilled and internationally certified Professional Social Worker and established Research Consultant. My passion lies in delivering exceptional Social Work & research services, with a specialized focus on child, young and women’s rights. With a robust background and extensive experience, I excel in impactful projects, including child protection policy review, legislative analysis, and cutting-edge research and development initiatives.

Leveraging advanced tools such as AMOS, SPSS, iPAS, and Jira, I bring a unique blend of technical proficiency and strategic vision to the social work & human rights landscape. My commitment to influencing legislative and policy-making environments in developing countries is underpinned by a solid academic foundation, including an MPhil in Social Work, and my role as an Academician.

In addition to my public sector contributions, I extend my services to the wider community. Engage my expertise in Research Consultancy, where I specialize in projects encompassing policy review, legislative analysis, and human rights-related research. Additionally, I offer bespoke Training sessions, providing valuable insights on topics such as harmonizing human rights reporting, entrepreneurship, and social work counselling.

My commitment to excellence is further underscored by my international certifications. I’ve earned certifications on Social Work Practice from the University of Michigan, English for Career Development from the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper (Project-Centered Course) from École Polytechnique, France, and Project Management from Google, all from well-reputed international universities.

If you’re seeking a dedicated professional committed to making a difference, I’m here for collaboration and meaningful partnerships.

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