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Dear Pal...

I'm your Your Partner for Social Work Advancement, Research Excellence, and Transformative Training Initiatives

I’m Irfan Nawaz, a highly skilled and internationally certified Professional Social Worker and a mid-career trainer. My passion lies in delivering exceptional Social Work Services, with a specialized focus on child and women welfare. With a robust background and extensive experience, I excel in impactful projects, including child protection policy review, legislative analysis, and cutting-edge research and development initiatives.

Who Am I?

An Ordinary Professional Social Worker in Exceptional Circumstances

I have grown up witnessing the horrors of terrorism. I don’t remember a single day that passed without hearing the heart-wrenching tales of deaths, injuries, blasts in Pakistan. Meanwhile, as a Student of Social Work discipline, I was reading Jane Adams – the mother of social work – and William Henry Beveridge, the pioneer of the modern welfare system in the UK. Their teaching motivated me to volunteer myself during the worst era of terrorism. I have started my volunteer work for a School for Hearing Impaired Children. After that, my volunteer contributions never stop.


Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.​

I have completed my Master of Philosophy in Social Work with distinction. Alongside, I have established myself as an independent researcher and published dozens of research papers, newspaper articles, and e-books. My research work is recognized in various international and national research journals. My writings enlighten the readers about emerging challenges and issues related to human rights, development and policy. My writings are widely appreciated by various journalists, students, policy analysts.

Mid-Career Reflective Social Work Practitioner


I served as a Career Bureaucrat in various capacities. Initially, my interest in social service with a prime focus on policy-making took me to lead few critical initiatives of the public sector organizations, I worked for. As a National Secretary, Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to Human Rights, I worked on the localization of the SDGs in the Pakistani context. Besides, I am Practicing Social Worker. 

What I dreamed for?

I foresee myself as a Research Analyst & Professional Social Worker, having expertise in research, project management, policy formulation, planning, and implementation in developing countries.

My Core interests are:
– Digital Rights and Children
– Human Rights in difficult circumstances
– Social Work Policy

If you're seeking a dedicated professional committed to making a difference, I'm here for collaboration and meaningful partnerships.

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